Cookies Policy of the website of Fabrica De Tequilas Finos

This Cookies Policy describes use of cookies on the web site of Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, (the “Web Site”), purposes of using the cookies as well as rights of the users to change and select use of cookies according to their needs. Cookies help the server of the Web Site to identify you when you access the Web Site, and to automatically customize the content according to your needs. By clicking on “Accept” button in the home page of you agree to use the cookies in compliance with this Cookies Policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file which is saved in the internet browser once you visit the website. The text file contains information used to remember the settings, which a website visitor has chosen to view the site, so that the next time the visitor does not have to repeat the settings.

Which cookies are used by the Web Site and why are they used?

We use several types of cookies (permanent and session). Session cookies are deleted from your devices as soon as you close the internet browser. Permanent cookies are stored in your device until they are specially deleted or when they expire. We use cookies for the following purposes:

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How to select and change use of the cookies?

If you don't want the cookies to be used in your devices, you can change the security settings of your browser. For more information about cookies, how to delete and manage them, refer to or Help section of your internet browser.