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Zapopan is great value for money 100% Agave tequila from the beautiful fields of Jalisco, Mexico. Triple filtration gives the young spirit a very clean, fresh and sophisticated flavor. Full intensity across the palate brings a nice tingle to the mouth. Perfect in a smooth refreshing traditional Margarita, Cadillac Margarita, straight up or on the rocks.

Zapopan Silver

100% Agave Blanco tequila has the true bouquet and flavor of the blue agave. Its sweet agave, fruits and citrus aromas come from the heart of the plant.

Tasting notes
Aroma: Agave, fruits and citrus
Taste: Clean, fresh
Finish: Smooth. Medium length
SKU: 0,75L 1L 1,75L
ABV: 40%

Zapopan Reposado

Excellent Reposado tequila, perfect for margaritas, with rich flavor, great both consumed combined, or straight.

Tasting notes
Color: Light straw color
Aroma: Slightly oaky, ripe fruit, cooked agave
Taste: Caramel, cooked agave
Finish: Silky, warm, medium length
SKU: 0,75L 1L 1,75L
ABV: 40%